How Do I Increase CTR | Click Through Rate

click through rate pravesh patel pravesh technohackClick-though rate, or CTR, is one of the most factors in paid search.

Click through rate is calculated by the percentage of impressions by attracting clicks through ads. The high CTR means the ad is resonating with people who see it. CTR also has a huge effect on your Adwords Quality Score.

Lot of things can be done for increasing the click through rates and conversions from your PPC campaign.

– Do thorough research on keywords using the Keyword planner and jot down keywords that have at least a minimum QS of 7/10. The better the QS of keywords the lesser amount you pay per click to be on the First Page of the search results.
– Descriptive ad description and taglines. even-though you have very limited no of words that you can write-up make sure they describe your products or services well and up to the point
– Informative ad description and tagline. Provide as much information as you can through those descriptive ads. Make sure you use catchy words.
– Use Ad-scheduling and place your ad’s at times when your customers are most active online and searching for similar products or services. Ad-scheduling also helps you achieve cost-effectiveness.
– Use Ad-extensions, extend your ad with your phone number or address. Phone number is most preferable. If the ad is catchy and tip-top you might as well not need to pay for the click and still end up getting a call.
– Try to always achieve first page ad. If your keywords say below first page bid = $$ see if you have the budget to spend that $$ or else refine your keywords and try achieving a higher QS

Finally for conversions, make sure you have a top-notch landing page with all the information and descriptions, with a contact us form, a chat bar and discounts for the visiting customer.

Effective landing pages convert 85% of the clicks.


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